Who are you?
I'm Kate, of kate minasian. I like to do crafts, take pictures and read, and I like to write about doing these things.

Where did the designs on your blog come from?
The images I used in my blog are patterns of Armenian lace that I took from the book Armenian Lace and Embroidery. I carved stamps, printed them, and scanned the images into my computer. For some more information about it, you can read the post about my obsession with Armenian lace. 

What kinds of cameras do you use?
I mostly use a Nikon EM SLR from 1980 which my father gave me. It takes 35mm film, and I use it for special occasions and when I want that film look. This was my dad's camera, and I'm very excited that he passed it down to me, since nobody had used it in almost 20 years. Recently it developed a light leak, and I've been dealing with that.

After I got the EM, I wanted to try something completely manual, and got a Nikon FE on eBay. It has its pros and cons, and I mainly use the EM now. I also have a Holga 120FN. It's a bit expensive (barely anybody develops the film anymore), but I'm trying it out, and I really like the results. Lastly, I have a Diana Mini. It's a tiny little camera! I haven't developed a ton of pictures, but I love it, since it takes 35 mm film.

For digital, I use a Nikon D3100 dSLR which my fiancĂ©e and I recently bought. Obviously, digital is a wonderful medium for taking lots and lots of pictures and knowing immediately what you've got. I love the D3100 because it is about as dummy proof as you can get- it has a guide mode for the really dSLR challenged. It is wonderful and easy to use, and I feel like a "real" photographer when I look at the pictures!

What kinds of crafts do you like to do?
Well, I obviously like to stamp, and create my own stamps. I am also a relatively avid crocheter and very recent knitter and I've been known to scrap-booking now and again (don't judge). I also enjoy embroidery and cross stitch. I recently got a sewing machine as a gift (requested gift) and have started sewing a bit as well.

What's up with the Etsy store? 
I have my own Etsy store, kateminasian.etsy.com, where I sell my hand-stamped Armenian cards and other art. This blog used to be all about the store, but since it is such a small niche, I am expanding my writing to include other topics of interest to me as well.

When was your wedding?
September 29, 2012. It was absolutely wonderful. For posts related to it, click here.

What do you do during the day?
I work in administration at a network of charter schools, and will talk your ear off about them, if you express even a bit of interest. I previously was in the tech department and am pretty much a massive geek, too, who tends to get a bit excited about technology. I try to keep that off the blog. :)