Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New fabrics!

Hancock Fabrics is having this spectacular summer sale right now and so of course I indulged by going and buying some new fabric. That I have no idea what I am going to do with, but hey! I got a yard of each of the below fabrics. The teal floral print was from my personal stash, but I think it goes really well with the other florals.

I tried to find them all on the website, but struck out since there are SO MANY FABRICS to search through. I'm pretty sure the bottom two florals in the right picture came from the quilting cottons, and the purple one came from the clearance stack, and like I said, the teal one was mine. I couldn't find the teal birdcages fabric on the website, but I found the pink version (not as cute, in my opinion), and while I couldn't find the tan fabric, I found the bottom blue one in the picture on the left - I think. Mine seems a little lighter than on the website, but that's the same pattern.

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