Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wedding Preparations

I realize I have more or less forgotten this blog exists, but I wanted to share a few pictures!

First, a few months ago, Rick and I had our engagement pictures done with our wonderful photographer Kara Shultz. Seriously, this woman is a genius. She made us look super, despite the fact that I'm pretty sure one or the other of us was talking in about 65% of the pictures. You can see more of them at her blog.

Second, I'm working on my wedding gifts for our attendants, and I'm making clutches for the girls. I am more than half done, but here is the first one! The wonderful design is courtesy this tutorial, which was easy to follow and obviously, they are turning out really classy. The exterior fabric I used was from the home fabrics section at Joann's and the interior was just a normal cotton patterned fabric. Using the home fabric was great because it is a thicker fabric, so with the interfacing, it is a sturdy little clutch. (Plus, I believe I can say I pinned it and did it!)

I've embroidered their names inside them all. In the background, you can see another one in progress! 

Hopefully a few more wedding updates between now and then (September 29th!) but no guarantees. :)