Tuesday, February 21, 2012


My parents got me a sewing machine for Christmas, per my wish list. First of all, I love it. Second of all, I made a skirt within the first twenty-four hours. Hey, I wanted to make sure it worked!

The skirt is a bit more red/blue/cream plaid than this picture makes it seem, but otherwise, it turned out super cute. I also found out I am a big size in patterns- I ended up having to remake the waistband after I basted because I couldn't zip it up.  Oops. Apparently I can't measure either, or I would have made it correctly the first time.

I've now bought some other patterns and fabrics, and have this dress next up. It is super cute. I bought some black and white houndstooth fabric and I've cut out the pattern pieces, but haven't had a chance to cut out the fabric yet. It's a lot of work, all things considered. You need to iron the pattern to start with, then measure yourself and cut out the right sizes, then iron the fabric and cut that out. Then you get to start sewing, basting first, (which is like light sewing, in case you need to make adjustments) then making the adjustments, then finally sewing it up completely. Anyway, I am super excited about this dress though, because it has tons of different sized pieces, so I was able to cut out a "slim" skirt pattern piece and a more busty top, to accommodate my different sizes, so it should look very classy and fit very well. We'll see. Expect pictures when I'm finished.

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