Saturday, April 9, 2011


I kind of have a thing for buttons. I don't necessarily actively collect them, but I won't pass one up if offered the opportunity. (This is something I've inherited from my mother, she similarly collects them.) Right now my collection is mainly comprised of ones that are small, around one inch in diameter.

A sampling.

So, the other day, when I saw a kit called "The Button Factory" on the Chronicle Books website, (and there was a sale going on) I had to get it! I got it maybe a week or two ago, and it has been sitting around until I got a chance to use it. 

The kit and its contents.

Obviously, the premise of the kit is to make buttons. Fabric covered buttons, specifically. These are not like the buttons you'd make with an expensive button maker, but still cool in their own way. Luckily, I had some fabric to try it with. 

I was cleaning out my closet and grabbed some shirts with cool fabrics that were too small but I hadn't thrown out yet. And I have that awesome collection of plaid swatches from my aspiring fashion designer friend Michal Lynn

So, I went at it. It's a pretty simple process. You put the fabric in the light blue rubber circle, and then smush a button top in there too. After that, you press the button back in with the little pink cap deal. It worked pretty well, for the most part. I think on a few I used fabric that was a little too thick, and it was hard to get the bottom in there. Even in those cases, though, I just bent the edges of the button back in a little so it would fit. Worked like a charm. I'm actually pleased with the results. Obviously, smaller patterns worked best and the one shirt had way too subtle a design, and it doesn't show up real well. 

The final product!

All in all, a fun way to use up some fabric that otherwise would have been trashed! 

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