Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

I realize I am a bit late posting about February 14th, but I just got my photos developed and I wanted to share some. Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday and Rick planned an awesome evening. We ended up at the arcade, to play skee ball, one of my favorite activities ever.

I almost think Rick takes better pictures than me. Almost.

Rick in action!

To share a bit of Valentine's cheer at work, I crocheted these heart garlands to hang in my cube. I had pink crochet thread, but I also bought red, and made two different lengths and hung them together. Now, they are hanging over my bed. 

They go perfect with my pink walls! 

I had a lot of people who didn't realize they were crocheted until they got up real close to them. They did turn out quite tiny. They're at home now, because I made a string of little pennants. They're adorable, and in spring colors. I'll have to share those later. 

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  1. your heart garlands are adorable! i tried to hang my little spring pennant garland over my daughter's bed, but she said it wasn't her style. oh well. i think the garland is perfect above the bed!