Sunday, March 27, 2011

Other Art: March (Alphabet Edition)

So, I have a thing for alphabets. I enjoy foreign alphabets and think they can almost be considered works of art. Clearly, I love the Armenian alphabet, so this shouldn't be a complete surprise.

This month, I have two pieces of alphabet art to show! The first is a print of the Arabic alphabet. I got this one from Waafia on Etsy, but their store seems to be on vacation right now. I love the colors of this one. From what I remember, they had lots of color combos.

This (English alphabet!) Scrabble poster was purchased for Rick at Renegade. He loves Scrabble and when I saw it, I knew I had to get it for him. I really like the fact that there is white space at the bottom. It really balances the whole thing out. I am not 100% sure who I bought this from, and there is no store name anywhere on the poster, but I think it was from Pop + Shorty. But since it was never on their website (as far as I can remember) I can't check. Oh well. Let me know if I'm wrong!

Do you have any alphabet art in your house?

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