Saturday, March 12, 2011

Armenian Lace

My recent obsession of Armenian lace is partially what fueled the redesign of this blog. (I also wanted to reflect the change in subject matter, as well.) The images above and to the side of the lace designs are stamped from stamps I carved, with the designs coming straight out of an Armenian lace book.

For a while, I was under the impression that the images of Armenian lace doilies that I had seen were crocheted. I suppose this was partially fueled by the fact that my Armenian great-grandmother crocheted and I didn't know any better. When I started up my Etsy store, I became more interested in the designs and images of the doilies, and I wanted to learn more.

I bought this out of print book after some research.

I read in a few different places that it had the best images of examples of doilies. After receiving it, I definitely have to agree. Photos like the one below show the intricacies and detail in each doily.

I was also able to use the sketches of designs to create my stamps:

After reading a bit, I discovered that Armenian lace isn't crocheted, but knotted thread! I've yet to work up the courage to actually try to create some, though I have purchased some more instructional books. (Armenian lace is also known as knotted lace, and there is a more recent how to book with some more modern and clearer instructions.) In the meantime, I'll have to stick to carving stamps!

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