Saturday, February 26, 2011

Photography and new cameras

In December, I was very excited to acquire a Holga camera. I'd traded in a video game on Amazon and had a credit, so I could justify something that I wouldn't normally purchase. I went to Helix, a huge camera store in Chicago which as far as I can tell, sells pretty much any camera related item you might want, and bought some 120 size film.

I was very excited about having this camera to play around with. I bought some black and white, and color film, and experimented with a roll of each. The color pictures I got on a CD (luckily, Helix also develops 120 film for a reasonable price) and they turned out pretty good. The black and white images were not as great, and I think I have a little more learning to do before I can come up with some good pictures that aren't in color.

We also went to Florida over Christmas break, which gave me the perfect opportunity to take some fun pictures outside of our normal routine.

It took a little practice (there are some blurry and double exposed pictures that were on this roll, too) but I think I came out with some pretty good images! And, as I play around more, I can't wait to show you the results.

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