Monday, September 20, 2010


I was in a bit of a funk recently. My apartment was vacated by my two room mates, and with them went the furniture. It is a bit hard to stamp when the only flat surface you have is your kitchen counter. In the past week, however, I moved, and now have a table to work on. It is much easier to make art on a table.

While visiting my former room mate in Ann Arbor, Michigan, this weekend, we went to this fun craft store full of materials that would have otherwise been thrown away. Things ranged from the strange (lots and lots of foam), to the useful (matte board), to just plain fun (sticker paper). I walked out with a whole roll of the sticker paper, which we decided would be absolutely fun to stamp on, without a clear idea of what exactly I am going to stamp. Luckily, the next day we went to a craft fair and I came away with some inspirations. So keep you eyes out for some fun Kate Minasian stickers.

Also exciting was redirecting my blog from the Blogspot address to my own domain. The new blog URL is I hope to someday have my own full website (and not just a blog) but this will do for now. The seasons prints were finally uploaded to Etsy, and I've got another idea for a print which I will be creating in English and Armenian. Basically, exciting things on the way. I can't wait!

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