Tuesday, June 8, 2010


We're in the final stages of preparing the store for launch. I'm really excited about getting everything set up! One of the most nerve-wracking things is creating the actual cards. Making sure every card is good enouch to sell is really hard for a perfectionist like me.

Stamping every card has become a bit of a process. For the ones that only use two stamps and two colors, it isn't that hard. But for the ones that have three or four colors and then three stamps, it gets a bit complicated. What color should go first? Which is easier to wash off the stamp? Making sure things don't get smudged and I remember all of the parts before I start putting things away are really important.

I generally set it up something like above. I'll fold enough for 5 or 6 cards, and then start stamping. I do the fronts first, usually the words, because then it is easier to place the shapes around them. Also, the words are generally the hardest parts to get right, because the stamps are longer and there is more room to accidentally press them down twice, or cause some other imperfection. Once I'm sure the words are good, I go on to the shapes, and then I stamp the envelopes, because they match the cards and use similar colors. Lastly is the stamped logo and the written URL, which is the easiest and hardest part. Because I stamp it so frequently, and write the URL so frequently, I am used to it, and it generally looks good. But if I do mess up (like the other day, when I accidentally wrote my email instead of the Etsy store address) the card is basically ruined, which is unfortunate.

After everything is dry, I package up the cards and label them, so people know what is what. And now they're ready to sell! In anticipation of the store opening, I've made quite a few recently. Here and there I lose a few, but overall, it is a fun process, and I love watching the process from plain pieces of paper to a professional looking notecard that I can sell.