Monday, May 3, 2010


I came to stamp carving not really of my own volition. My room mate started a print making class, learned how to make linoleum prints, and decided that since I needed a hobby, that I should start carving stamps. Some people might wonder how those things go together, but it actually makes perfect sense. She had bought some Mastercarve blocks (cuts like butter!), didn't like the ease of carving it compared to the linoleum, she owned the tools, and she liked it when somebody else was crafting in the living room while she was. I am apparently easily convinced.

The first problem I encountered was what to carve. I'm really not sure how we came upon the Armenian alphabet, but I believe it was a joint effort. I brought up ancient Armenian illuminated manuscripts and the embellished letters the Armenians drew. We thought we'd do something like that- until I found that carving plain letters was hard enough. I downloaded about 17 Armenian fonts, and picked my favorite to start carving.

Unfortunately, I picked one a bit too stylized. The first time I brought my carving home to show my mother and other family members, (who can read Armenian, more or less) they couldn't figure out what the letters were. Back to the drawing board, where I chose the most straight-up font I had found. I also discovered that carving individual letters and then stamping them was going to be a bad policy. So, phrases it was.

"Hello" was my first whole word. So, that's a good way to start my blog. Hello!

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